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opened the recent newspaper in Nanchang; often saw the advertisement of shoe factory recruitment. Six months ago, this kind of advertisement is rare. Why is it up now? This reporter interviewed two representative shoe factories in Nanchang and confirmed that this is a change brought about by the industrial transfer. The trend of Guangdong and Fujian shoe industry transferring to Jiangxi has begun to show up in the footwear industry in Nanchang. Nanchang footwear industry homeopathic expansion Nanchang Bilang Shoes Co. Ltd. in the recruitment of skilled sewing workers and management staff, assistant general manager of the company, Mr. Chen said that their c cheap jordans for sale ompany has some cooperation of the manufacturers in Guangdong, now the production resource transfer to Nanchang. The reason is very simple, in Dongguan rent about 12 yuan per month to 15 yuan / square meters, in the city of Nanchang and the surrounding industrial park plant is only 7 yuan per month rent 8 yuan / square meters, their production, living and office space of approximately 5000 square meters, a year can save 400 thousand yuan rent. more than 1 years, the 1/3 technology Bilang shoes workers and managers come from Guangdong, Fujian return. The wages of the workers during the off-season of 500-600 yuan, 900 yuan season 2300 yuan, although the level of the two w Retro jordans for sale orkers without scissors is too large, but Guangdong and other coastal areas including housing, children's education expenses cost of living is too high, skilled workers born in the 60-70 over there, not only live life, so they only choose to return. Nanchang bright Shoes Co. Ltd. production more recently busy, many orders from the United States and Canada, Southeast Asia and Western Europe, due to the cost of production in Guangdong rose significantly, so the transfer to Nanchang for the relatively low cost of manufacturers. The trend of industrial transfer has enabled them to expand production scale. logistics and supporting costs are still higher than those o Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping f coastal "the same products, some produced in Guangdong, not produced in Nanchang."." The words of Mr. Chen Bilang shoes showing a trace of regret. This is the result of the lack of supporting industries in the upstream and downstream industries. One employee said bright shoes, shoe factory in Dongguan, the purchase of cloth, plush and plastic materials, can be sent to the supplier for half an hour in the factory, and in Nanchang, the enterprises of raw materials purchased from Zhejiang, more than 10 hours, Jiangxi footwear industry chain has not formed. "one in, one out"; the logistics and material costs of a pair of shoes cost one yuan higher than Guangdong. cheap jordans for sale mens " ) the 21 day at 6:47 in the morning of 58 seconds, Wenzhou South Shizhen successfully boarded the Mount Qomolangma at an altitude of 8844.43 metres. on the 21 day from 19:50 in the evening, at the Mount Qomolangma base camp has served as commander of the Tibet mountain climbing expeditions "of the excited tone confirmed: the first boarded the Mount Qomolangma Wenzhou South Shizhen and security team has been down to ABC camp at an altitude of 6500 metres. "According to the safety regulations of mountaineering, we can only announce the success of mountaineering if we are safely evacuated to the camp at 6500 meters above sea level."." South Shizhen not only to become Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the first in Wenzhou to climb the highest point of the world's people, and created many of the world's first performance: the first expedition mission in the process, first as a private shoe to the top of the world "shoe life detection"...... 43 year old South Shizhen is a famous mountaineer, Wenzhou city flood Dianren. He is still single, almost all the energy and financial resources in the outdoor mountaineering, his goal is to complete the "7+2" (i.e., the conquest of the seven continents of the World Summit and the South and North), itself is currently the most valuable singles". Previously, Shanghai had 8027 meters of the Western Xia state horse peak, repeatedly b cheap foamposites oarded the Shanghai 8201 meters. the first half of this year, the temperature and Chinese zhizhuwang group enterprises leather shoes and Leather Research Institute jointly proposed the "polar condition detection" shoe life "" topic, Superspide spend 1 million yuan from the sea mountain warrior. Nan Shizhen in the auditions as "spider warriors in talent shows itself". from April 14th to May 20th, Tibet has been South Shizhen mountain adaptability training in Mount Everest base camp and the camp of 6500 meters above sea level. After 2:30 yesterday afternoon, South Shizhen and other top players, coaches, for cooperation, together to reach the Mount Everest camp 83 cheap jordans online 00 meters. The 21 day at 6:47 in the morning of 58 seconds, South Shizhen and the other three players and coaches, cooperation, at the same time a successful summit at an altitude of 8844.43 meters of Mount Qomolangma. At 7:10 a.m., the top team began to pull down. the 21 day at 8:19 in the evening, South Shizhen plus about the process and feel his ascent to the summit by radio: it does, in good weather, South Shizhen said his very good health, has been gradually restored, "climb feeling good can not express. The footprints of the people of Wenzhou are all over the ends of the earth. But I am the first person in Wenzhou to reach the top of the world. I feel very proud." cheap jordan shoes for men ; 21)launched specifically for the summer Nike Air Max Zero SE (Special Edition), has been officially launched. Knit vamp improvement, so that it looks more texture, neat hot-melt bonding, as well as the classic color design, Air Max enthusiasts can not miss the summer artifact. 's fire Balenciaga , Speed Trainer, has now come out with a whole new version and is starting to accept reservations. Compared to the previous version, which improves the height and increased the straight weave woven socks in the upper part, the soles are changed from white to black. Will you pay for the change this time?British footwear brand Grenson century seem self for a new creative directo Cheap air jordans for sale r Tim Little, the entire landscape is also increasingly young. In addition to home produced shoes added a lot of modern elements, but also often carried out jointly with the major brands, such as rag & amp; bone, Garbstore other footwear brands. Even the men's fashion magazine "Esquire" 20 Anniversary Special also released the new shoes to celebrate. Recently, the creation in 1988 of the old again, and Japanese high-end footwear brand Foot the coacher sparks. It is noteworthy Foot the coacher designer Toshiyuki mediated bamboo Takehara (Toshinosuke TAKEGAHARA) originally had in Northamptonshire apprenticeship before, and there is at George Cox and Tricker's worked, so the two Retro jordans for sale sides have a lot of shoes on the shoe-making process and culture The common recognition point. The cooperation of the two sides a total of five pairs BROGUE BOOTS, use of materials and color-coded and open. Most impressive must be a pair of pebble grain leather-level design can definitely be said of the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. Plus sides superb shoe technology, I believe many people will fascinated for this series! Now at MR PORTER shelves, like a friend you can go buy. & nbsp;these two years, known as "cashew flower" Bandana design, has become a lot of street style lovers of new favorites. Of course, Vans, who is glued to street culture, will not be left behind, and recently introduced three Bandana series of shoes designed as the main group. The series includes Authentic, Old, Skool and Sk8-Hi 3 models, shoes with red and blue Bandana pattern covering, and midsole, lining and shoelaces are made in white. It is reported that these three shoes sold at 59, 69 and 89 U. S. dollars (equivalent to 391 yuan, 458 yuan and 590 yuan), has begun to shelves in North America, the domestic counter synchronization time is unknown. - your current version - tool over the wall? 1. Edison Chan wearing the new VLONE? instagram: fakesickness? is one of VLONE's principal, Edison Chan often wearing VLONE this thing is not unusual, but this is how this so special? 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